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[IMPORTANT] - Past/Future of AL

So, phew. Lots of stuff to cover here, apologies for the big walls of text incoming.

Okay, so I want to first thank anyone who actually came back to this comic after I took it down, means a lot, knowing people will still happily follow my content even if I visibly fuck up as hard as this. Pretty re-assuring stuff.

Secondly, the reason why the comic went down – I had a pretty big meltdown a few weeks ago. I had hit an emotional low I’d never experienced before, and it hit hard. I won’t go into too much detail – but I had originally given up on everything, and I mean everything. I took down all of my accounts, left any social groups and shut myself away from the world for a short period. I figured it was for the best. Eventually I had calmed down, talked it out with my girlfriend and what not, spent a few days away from everything to just chill and re-collect my thoughts.

This then resulted in the slow resurrection of my online presence, and finally the last thing to return was Aria’s Legacy. But that doesn’t excuse the inactivity pre-meltdown. Honestly? Uni got the better of me, I got way too caught up in so much work and what not, before I knew it, what little free time I did have to work on pages. I just, didn’t. I spent it enjoying myself through either socializing or playing games with friends, since the time was so short and random.

So what does that leave for the future of Aria’s Legacy?
I have every intention of doing my best to continue it – providing I have the spare time, of course. Well, I mean, if people still want it to be continued, then I’ll obviously feel more inclined to contribute more time and effort into it. I do however, have some University resits to do as well as a few other projects here and there, so I won’t be able to start immediately (Due date on the 18th of August.)

I’m going to try and fix up / revamp the site the best I can over time. Back to – if not better than it’s previous state.

I’m goinjg to try and begin updates Starting 20th August. I have a few backdates in storage already. Likely 2 pages a week. (Tuesday and Friday)

posted by Axan @ July 6th, 2017, 10:17 pm  -  0 comments

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